Efficient Performance

You might have seen the “Efficient Performance” logo on our website when looking at AC Schnitzer performance upgrades.

What do we mean by this? This logo represents AC Schnitzer’s commitment to increasing performance “without compromise” to daily driving. This includes the area of emissions. We’ve all seen poorly tuned cars emitting black smoke on acceleration, but this is not necessary. The power output of a vehicle can be increased without making emissions worse – in fact the specific emissions (CO2 per HP) can go down.

Here is an example. This X3 M 40i has the B58 engine, which is shared with many other models.

You can see that the performance of this car has been substantially improved. The 0-60mph (0-100km/h) time is just two tenths of a second quicker, but once rolling the AC Schnitzer tuned car is a healthy two seconds quicker in every other test. This equates to safer overtaking and even more driving pleasure.

Now look at the CO2 figures. The result, according to the latest WLTP / Euro 6d temp test, is that emissions are the same as the standard car. That’s efficient performance from AC Schnitzer!